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There is an interesting article in the latest issue of The Escapist, an online magazine on gaming, on how libraries are using gaming to get kids into libraries. Roughly a quarter of the kids who have come, had never been in a library before. Quote: According to Neiburger, "One kid told us videogames are gateway drugs for libraries."

One of the key players in this area, Jenny Levine, also writes about this on her blog Shifted Librarian, and has written an 80 page paper on gaming and libraries, called "Gaming and Libraries: Intersection of Services". Quote: In this issue of LTR, numerous detailed examples of what libraries are already doing—including public, school, and academic libraries—provide Levine the springboard to illustrate how librarians can reap positive gains by proactively, creatively, and (above all) affordably integrating gaming into the services and programs already offered at your library. The case studies reveal that gaming programs often turn out to be among the most popular a library can offer. “I have yet to hear about a library of any type offering gaming that has received negative feedback from patrons,” Jenny notes.

If you find this interesting, I can also highly recommend that you read James Gee's book "What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy". This is an extremely readable and erudite discussion of the social nature of learning and how learning is fostered by videogames.

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