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Libraries: Kick DRM Out!

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Where libraries connect library users/customers/consumers with OverDrive there could also be some listings of alternative links for some of the free audiobooks available around the web. That is alternative listings of other web resources for free audiobooks. Maybe not as extensive as OverDrive but at least some alternatives.

Part of the thing is the bureaucratic resistance to engage in discussion about issues that turn up in library users/customers/consumers' feedback, comments, suggestions, questions. Instead libraries could use issues that turn up as opportunities for programming in our community, for example, a forum with Free Software advocates
Richard Stallman
or Jay Sulzberger

Applications Manager Scot Colford engaging with feedback, comment, suggestions and questions is a model of the right thing to do. At the front line counters and desks of our libraries more librarians should be willing to engage and be more informed on the issues and offer library users/customers/consumers further information. After all further information, hints, tips, pointers are in keeping with the mission and mandate of libraries!
Introducing DRM changes the line between what is your own, and
what belongs to the Englobulators.
> The issue is: the Library, by using "DRM", supports the general
> principle that we should be under surveillance and that our
> computers should be under the control of the Englobulators at all
> times. No, we should not be under constant surveillance and no,
> we should keep our computers our own. That means no DRM. None
> whatsoever.
> Don, you may quote this, with attribution, and a warning that I
> cannot, this month, enter the public conversation.
> oo--JS.


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