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In true 2.0 form, I think that we library-2.0-landers should host an Unconference ala Mashup Camp or Barcamp.

This will have to be a true labor of love, since the whole point of an Unconference is to find out what it is about once you get there - a conference sans set agenda and presenters -- essentially EVERYONE who attends has the option to be a presenter if they feel so compelled.

I know that this flies in the face of typical Travel or Conference Requests. Most of us would have to take vacation time and pay for our way on our own dime. But I think that enough of us care enough about the idea of grassroots connectivity to actually accomplish this.

Thoughts? Please chime in!

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Brillant idea. Did you contact him?
Wow. A collaborative conference. I have to say, I've never heard of such a thing. Of course, now I love the idea and would like to try it.

However, I think Joshua's blog post is right-- there has to be some structure, at least in terms of getting everyone connected. But a conference or unconference that grows out of a blog or wiki? That would be awesome.

Whether or not I can come depends on where and when it is.
Being out on the west-coast, and always having to fly to the east coast for conferences, I think it would be cool to have an unconference at a place that isn't usually a conference spot, but could use a little unconference business. Wait, now that I'm thinking about it that might be a bit more challenging than I'd originally considered. Okay, so maybe a place that's bigger, but not big enough to be a normal conference hub - but needs to be a place with direct flights. Of course, since I live in Oregon I can suggest Portland. Seriously, there is never going to be any kind of ALA conference in Portland (accept OLA). It's big, but not big enough.

I'm trying to think of other places like that. Drawing a blank. I thought of Omaha Nebraska, but they don't have a big enough airport to help with airfare costs.
well if we did vegas there are always cheap flights there. I am not a gambler at all so it wouldn't be tempting to hit any of those tables. And we'd have to find some locale that would be friendly to it.

The Bay area is also good for cheap flights - we have san fran, san jose and oakland for airports nearby. But finding meeting room space? Well I could probably swing a lot of rooms at sjpl - mpow...
Michael is hosting the idealist conference in the Multnomah public library system (portland)...I bet they'd be open to hosting an unconference. Isn't there anyone here from Multnomah?

Uh, I'm going to have to admit Vegas is my least favorite place for conferences. I've been to a few and it's just too much for me (I'm talking about the lights, people, gambling, etc). I can gamble, but all the -- stuff -- in Vegas makes me want to hide in my hotel room. :)

San Jose is nice. Kansas City is good (except not so good in August).

Yes, poor library students like me could drive to Kansas City-- I have a feeling that a lot of students from the University of Missouri and University of Illinois would wind up there.
Oklahoma is also another possibility to host. Cheap flights to get here and even cheaper places to stay. :)
We DID IT! 2 weeks ago here in Melbourne, it was a great success......Just do it!

Seeing leaders emerge and the interaction and enthusiasm was amazing. We hope to do another one.

Check out our Blog or email us for more information :)
See our pics on Flickr
Following on from Steven's question..when did you get sponsership? It seemed to appear on your blog a couple of days before the event.

Congratulations by the way. It looked fantastic and I wish I had been there.
Inspired by Dee's mob, we're planning a library unconference for Western Australian later this year.

Our unconference wiki is here:

It was fun defining "success". We settled on the participants feeling the time spent was valuable and coming away inspired.
I would consider an unconference someplace central -- depending on the size, perhaps you could do somewhere semi-rural with a line up of nice B&Bs? I've never been to the mid-west, but I think of those little attractive towns in Maine that would be great. Geeze, call a mayor and I bet they'd kiss you for bringing a bunch of [ahem] well-behaved librarians out there.
Minnesota has a lovely bunch of little towns with equally lovely B&Bs. If anyone has interest in Rochester and the surrounding area (water! bald eagles! water! Scandinavians! water!) let me know and I'll make inquiries.


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