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I'm presently doing a master dissertation on libraries and blogging, and need to send some question to a library which blogs. Does anyone on ning library do this and be interested in answering some questions on this subject? At present i've had no success, so hope this does ;)

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Our library has a few blogs that we operate. I don't exactly what you need, but I would be happy to help.
Interesting, another librarian and myself are just beginning research on librarians who blog...but, we don't keep a blog at the library. :( Sorry...
Darlene, thats cool. I need to sort the questions out so give me a week or so. I appreciate your assistance.


if you need any information i have a pbwicki account, delicous account on blogging and will release the dissertation in september. any information you need on my blogging research etc i'm more than willing to share.

Anyhow, best of luck with your own research.

If you're still looking for volunteers, I'd be happy to help. My library has two blogs - a My librarygeneral library blog, and a blog just for teens. Just let me know. Take care.

My librari has no blog yet, but I personally have two blogs, well... maybe they be better called two versions of one blog - in Russian and an English. If you got interested - here are the links
Russian -
English -
Hi. The library where I work has a couple blogs:
The Mabee Library Reference Blog
The Mabee AV Club(I stole the title from The Onion)

If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at
My library currently has 2 blogs - one for our summer reading program and one that's accessible on the web but is primarily for staff. I'd be happy to answer some questions if you still need help.

thanks to all those that have offered to take part in this. I presently have to do a proposal for the dissertation by next week, so will contact you in about ten days if thats ok with you?

thanks again

Dear All, I've added an online questionaire of 7 questions to my blog as I was unsure how to do it on ning, the link is as follows:-




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