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I know this is an easy one for all of you library people, but I'm just a former math teacher who didn't really listen in elementary school when the library teacher taught us how to find books ...

My question is how do I go about finding books that address a certain theme for a certain age group? For example, if I want fiction addressing the theme of "resilience" that is interesting and appropriate for preteens, how do I find titles?



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One Web 2.0 way to do this is to search Library Thing for user-input tags on resilience. Another is to try OCLC's Fiction Finder at which will unearth some additional titles. Once you find some likely titles in LibraryThing, you can follow some of the related tags to find similar items that might not be tagged with the exact word "resilience". Oh, and a simple search of Open Worldcat will yield a large number of results that can be narrowed using the facets displayed on the left of the screen.


Thanks. These resources are quite helpful!

Hi Jeff. I recently learned about a couple interesting resources for finding books. They deal mostly with genres, keywords, ratings, etc. and not age groups, but they might help:



Thanks a lot.. In addition to Steve Watkins' reply, with yours I now have a nice array of possibilities.

Another tool you could use is NoveList. However, unlike the others listed here, NoveList isn't a free website, so you'll probably have to go through your local library to access it. But it'll let you search by theme or topic, and limit to reading levels. It'll also let you find one book you like, and then show you others like it. I use it all the time, just for this sort of thing.
I recommend the children's version of Novelist, called Novelist K-8 (also a subscription database, which your public library may provide. I tried a search using "resilience" and came up with 2 pages of titles. You could also look at other related keywords, like "coping". If you do not have access to Novelist K-8, please send me your email address and I will forward the list of resilience books to you.


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