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Hey, a few librarians and myself have started a new blog...we'll be in full swing next week. Stop by and check it out:
Our goal is to review information tools on the Net. You know, the cool things you don't want to be the last to know about.

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Hmm...what an interesting blog, Laurie! (I just posted on your Swivel entry.) Thanks for sharing it with us!

In your opinion, is this a good tool for librarians, non-library types, or both? I'm finding things here that might be good for reference queries.
Hey Jennifer, thanks for checking it out!

The site is definitely for BOTH librarians and the general public. I think the "categories" section, after it builds up over time, will be a good resource for librarians.

We created the site after noticing that most blogs by librarians are geared toward the librarian audience. However, we think that what librarians know and have to offer, could benefit MUCH more than librarians. As librarians, we (meaning me and the 4 women I'm collaborating with) always want to know about the newest and coolest information tools. And it seems like we find out about them by emails that make the rounds. This is our attempt at circumventing the emails and having a blog that will help librarians, and others, keep up with the coolest free tools. :)
A very cool idea, that-- particularly since it can get library patrons talking to librarians about features in various information systems they like, and get some good brainstorms going.

I've found some good information systems advice (as well as just some interesting downloads and links) at Lifehacker; John Battelle's blog also has some good information, too.

Good luck! I've already got you added to my blog aggregator!
Cool. Thanks for letting me know, I'm gonna add it to my netvibes!
Great blog! Thanks for posting it here.
This is a great blog! It's great to see reviews of all the new and nifty stuff out there. Thanks for putting this together!


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