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In true 2.0 form, I think that we library-2.0-landers should host an Unconference ala Mashup Camp or Barcamp.

This will have to be a true labor of love, since the whole point of an Unconference is to find out what it is about once you get there - a conference sans set agenda and presenters -- essentially EVERYONE who attends has the option to be a presenter if they feel so compelled.

I know that this flies in the face of typical Travel or Conference Requests. Most of us would have to take vacation time and pay for our way on our own dime. But I think that enough of us care enough about the idea of grassroots connectivity to actually accomplish this.

Thoughts? Please chime in!

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I was bummed that I had to miss Library Camp East, which was probably the closest (CT) that I will be to an Un-Conference. Rhode Island is a wasteland when it comes to such things, unfortunately.

I would certainly be up for helping host a New England area event - hell, I'd host it at my library, but it's not very big, I'm afraid. Although, perhaps URI or Roger Williams would be into donating space for it.

I don't fly, so I don't think I will get to visit Josh's neck of the woods (how long does it take to get there from RI?).
Sounds like a great idea, but I'm already spending 80% of my day planning a f2f not unconference . I'll be an enthusiastic supporter, though. ;-)

Yep. How about simultaneously with a SL meeting?? My time zone is GMT +9 at the moment, +8 after next week.
Google Calendar?
Google calendar looks OK. Does it account for time differences? If I book in for 10am here, will that show as 10am or 5pm on your calendar?

How about basecamp if we want an alternative? Or embed a chat box in this discussion or someone's page?
Re: time change, it appears to be working for me.

The time shows 11:30 and I am AST. The weblink shows PST (4 hours before me) at 7:30.

And I am not averse to another Calendar solution. I just thought I'd pick the first one that came to mind.
I love this idea. I currently have to pay my way to all conferences, and am maxing out my attendance this year, but maybe next.... I really wish I could go to the one in Portland!

Very nice .good thanks for sharing

I wonder if the model might be worth looking at:  a basic structure for people to hold local unconference days.  I bought the domain names at one point thinking someone might want to do...


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