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ICITED 2020 Conference

16 - 18 November, 2020 | Gregory University Uturu, Abia State Nigeria


Health and wellbeing are a major foundation for sustainable development as enshrined in the sustainable development goals (SDG).  The connection between good health and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is well reflected in the UN 2030 SDG.

The International Information Technology and Economic Development Association (IITEDA) will convene its 7th annual International Conference on Information Technology and Economic Development (ICITED) under the theme, Information & Communication Technology for Health and Wellbeing.

ICITED2020 will bring an array of participants and stakeholders from public and private sectors, academia, and professionals in the field of health, communication, media, developmental partners, donor agencies, and Non-Governmental Organizations.

  • ICT and Coronavirus
  • ICT and global maternal mortality
  • ICT and child killer diseases
  • ICT and epidemics of communicable diseases
  • ICT and substance abuse
  • ICT and road traffic accidents
  • ICT and universal access to sexual as well as reproductive health-care services
  • ICT and universal health coverage
  • ICT and hazardous chemical pollution
  • ICT and health financing, recruitment, development and training
  • ICT and management of early warnings and reduction of health risks
  • General e-Health and Technology-mediated solutions

More Information at;

P/s This conference may be turned into a virtual conference

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