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I love to have an actual book in my hand when I am at home or in the library. However, when I travel, I find it cumbersome to carry multiple books with me. Therefore, I use my tablet and Kindle app with my e-books.

While at work in a school library, I find that students, while living in a digital age, still prefer the physical book as well. When doing research, though, the students and I prefer online journals and periodicals. It seems a bit contradictory, I know. I love having the option of media. I love the technology.

What are your thoughts on books versus e-books?

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I think a balance of both media is preferable.  I own several hundred books personally, but I also have an ebook reader that I use occasionally, especially when traveling.  I have sensed that our (public) library patrons tend to use paper books, but I also like to encourage them to use all media, that reading and learning in whatever way possible is best.


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