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Hi, Library 2.0 folks.
I am looking for bloggers from community colleges who are running departmental blogs (as opposed to personal commentary or classroom-related blogs). I am doing a study on community college blogs. These do NOT have to be library blogs, but can be from any department.

I appreciate any help you can provide.

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My director, Joan Getaz, is in charge of the library's blog. It's accessible from the main home page of the library ( ) or here's the direct link:

The creation of the blog was prompted by objectives laid out in a strategic vision plan for 2008-10, as part of library outreach and marketing.

Hope this helps,
Olivia Nellums
Reference & Instruction Librarian
Camden County College, Wolverton Library, Blackwood NJ
We have started a blog at the request of some faculty members. We have a Faculty Staff Book Group that meets three times each semester and discusses books. Members who had scheduling conflicts this semester suggested that the discussions be available on a blog so I've set one up. It not only will have the books we discuss, but also other library news. Traffic so far has been slow but we launched it right as the semester was over and faculty were leaving campus. Unfortunate timing but we didn't want to wait until fall to get it up and running. I'm hoping they'll jump on next fall when classes begin again. Feel free to comment on any of the posts if you feel so inclined.

We are also in the process of designing a blog for general library information. Our system has libraries on 5 different campuses so the web site has to be generic to fit all campuses. We hope to use a blog to promote programming and services specific to our campus library. I'll let you know when we get that up and running. One that we are looking at as a model is at Harper College. We really like it.

Thanks for posting this thread. I'm eager to see what other people are doing.

Jo Klemm
Public Services Librarian
Tarrant County College

Very Nice Thanks For Sharing


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