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Hello everyone! My name is Rakisha, and I am a lifelong Brooklynite, mom of two young teen daughters, a graduate of Pratt Institute, and a youth services librarian with a focus in young adult services & literature. My pronouns are Hers/Her/She, and I'm also currently a rep for our library's local union.

At my branch, I'm committed to the following:

1. to making teen section a welcoming space for all;

2. removing barriers to getting a library card and borrowing books;

3. making sure teens have access to honest, inclusive, and  positive reproductive health and sex education;

4. combating library worker burnout and compassion fatigue;

5. improving intradepartmental communication and developing intradepartmental programs; and

6. encouraging civic engagement among tweens and teens.

I'm always looking for new ways to find share and find information to improve my librarianship skills.

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