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Please let us know how this experiment is going. See for details.

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hello from south australia

Great idea...and an interesting experiement

Zoom link asks me to login to zoom. Is there a login and password to use?

You have to sign up for the free Zoom account. I know it's another step, but it should help prevent the problem of people doing anonymously inappropriate things in the room.

It worked! Hello from Michigan :)

Hello from Canterbury, New Hampshire!

Great idea to set up a drop-in Zoom room to connect librarians! I just popped in to check it out but the room was empty. Perhaps rather than a 24/7 open room it would be better to promote specific time blocks scattered throughout the day/week. Just a thought. Thanks for setting this up!

Be well!

I've thought about that, and I just don't have the time (or inclination) to play too much with it. Perhaps people will self-organize! :)

Hi all, from Adelaide, south Australia.

We are still in school here. So we don't have a lot of time during our day.

I tried to start a conversation. I saw people online. But no one answered me.

I do like the idea.

Thanks for experimenting and reporting back! We'll see if this turns into anything useful...

I just hosted my third live classroom in zoom for my high school students and only had one naughty name in the waiting room. :)

I'm removing this .live Zoom room since I don't think it's being used (at least I'm not hearing that it is) so I can use the room for my other conference. Cheers, Steve


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