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I'm trying to find library software for a small school library (less than 10,000 books).  I've looked at a lot of software, and I can't seem to find anything with all of these features:

1) Cloud-Based 

2) Affordable (I don't think my school is prepared to pay over $1000/year, if that)

3) Easily Searchable when trying to enter new books into the catalog (I've been very frustrated with some software, like LibraryWorld, which only searches one database at a time.)

4) Able to efficiently print Bar-code labels and Spine labels

5) Can accept input from a bar-code scanner.

For a while, I thought that I would be limited to searching individual servers with Z39.50 searches; it seems that this isn't the case, given that FREE cloud based programs like Librarika make it easy to search with ISBN 10 or 13, or just titles.  

Can anyone recommend something that meets my needs, preferably something with an online demo or free trial?



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