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Hello Everyone, 

I started this discussion for us and all of us, so we can have

an introduction for everyone. 

& Addressing What do you think should be your "Step Up"/"Next Step"/"serving community" during the crisis?

It is up to you to choose what would you like to know about you, your work, hobbies, fears, achievements, challenges. 

If you have not watched "Libraries Stepping Up! Serving the Needs of Communities in Crisis" mini-conference (Full Sessions Here)

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Welcome Everyone, :) 

I am Eman Khereba, I am working at Digital humanities librarian at AUC. In brief, I am information spong as " Kathy Zappitello described in her session. Also, I am really keen on taking follow-up action as much as I can. The mini-conference today is another reason for me on why I should stay with library people.  

Next steps are: 

* I will do my best to keep a simple routine, meditate, breathe, journaling, and documenting. 

* Helping this group to grow. It would be helpful if you can help me. 

* Since I love drawing and visual art, I might try to design some "Quotes" from our speakers today & share it with you, so you may use it.

* I will put all the links mentioned in mini-conference sessions in one spreadsheet & Share it with the group. 

You are welcome to join me in any of these steps. 

Thank you 

Looking forward to hearing your stories 

Stay Safe & do not forget to breath :) 

Someone wants to "design some "Quotes" from our speakers". I like that. I did that exact thing using water colors the other day:

I am a high school audio video teacher working from home since spring break ended Monday, March 23. Tue March 24 we had a conference call to understand our instructional roles. Phase 1 of our e-Learning roll out ends Friday April 3, with the end of our fifth six week. Not sure what phase 2 will be. 

Hello Philip,

Welcome to our group.

I am glad that we could collaborate on having some quotes designed. I also had a Facebook page. 

It is a scanned blackboard drawing, I draw with chalkboard. I am still working on improving. I am in trial and error phase now :) 

How about start choosing a few quotes and share it & divide it between us. wat do you think?

Happy to hear from you  

I'm Emma--a Public Service Assistant Manager at Eckhart Public Library (Auburn, IN). It's been an interesting introduction into a new role, that's for sure, but since I love serving people, this crisis has given me a wealth of opportunities to explore how we can continue growing services. 

My next steps after this mini-conference are:

-self-care (because you can't pour from an empty cup): yoga, meditation, eating better, and carving out time to just relax WITHOUT thinking about COVID-19;

-work: think about common services (and uncommon services) that take place in the physical library and consider ways to take those online (more than we already are). 

Wash your hands, friends, and stay safe and healthy! 

Hello Emma-- Thank you for all the work you do to serve people during the crisis. 

100% agree, "this crisis has given me a wealth of opportunities to explore how we can continue growing services."

Self-care is a must these days and always, it would be great if you can share with me some interesting link. I love this guy:

I would love to help you with the process of thinking about services. Also, I am interested in your story while working on this. Here, Risk self-assessment questionnaire I found it which might help. 

Thank you :) 

Stay safe & Healthy :) 


For self-care, I love Yoga with Adriene ( She has a wealth of free yoga and meditation videos, including a special playlist with videos that are relevant to caring for ourselves during this crisis. 


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