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Now the professional landscape for librarians is perpetually changing especially considering the use of ict's, what courses or programmes should librarians pursue apart from the degrees they have.

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Very good question. I think that librarians' profession is more and more specialized nowadays. It is completely different, for instance, cataloguing electronic resources, acquire them, managing the Virtual Library or adopt the role of Community Manager, communicating with patrons through social networks.


In theory, probably the best option would be to choose one of these professional profiles and look for courses related to it. Unfortunately, job offers in this area are very scarce, so you very often will work in a company as a cataloger, and the next month in another company managing the web page and writing XHTML code, etc. Or even more often, you'll have to face all these challenges at the same time and in the same company!


Because of that, the more courses you study, the better, of course, but it is a bit difficult to focus in a very specific area. In my view, every course related to management of electronic resources would be interesting, and also courses about Quality Management, Community Managers, etc.


If you want to improve your IT skills in a more specific way, you might considerer courses about XML, PHP, Photoshop, edition of videos... Again, there are very diferent areas inside our profession. At least two main areas, in my view: working with corporative web pages and therefore with everything related to web design, or working with pictures, videos, etc. Institutional repositories and matters like that are perhaps a more specific area to study.


And if you are thinking about senior positions, courses related to leadership, staff management and things like that would be really useful for you. Often, managers in libraries focus in the technological aspect and they are deeply unskilled in effective leadership.

Hi M. Tendai.  I think that L. Tarruella's answer is an excellent reply to your question.

I am taking A Certificate in Information Technology, where I am pursuing courses in web design in programming in order to supplement my MLIS degree.


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