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Creating a custom LibX plugin for Firefox

LibX is a Firefox extension designed to provide direct access to your libray's catalog. It does a number of nifty things:

* Gives you a toolbar from which you can search for specific fields in your catalog.

* Adds options when you highlight something and right click that search into your catalog or Google Scholar.

* Automatically highlights ISBN numbers and adds links to your catalog on webpages anywhere on the web.

The thing that really blew my mind, though, is the "Edition Builder". This web-based tool allows anyone to create a customized version of the plugin just for their own library. It really gives you a lot of power in an easy to use package. I was able to create a custom version for PLCH in about an hour.

There are lots of editions out already, including a "WorldCat Edition".

I love tools like this because they make it effortless to go from thinking about a book to looking for a copy of the book.

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