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I did a presentation about blogs at a local library 2.0 event. It was great. I took down notes on my pda. I've pasted the notes below (which may or may not be of interest, but I figured I might as well share.)

Library 2.0- May4 2007

Oakbrook, Marriott (Illinois)
Raw Notes

Users As Content Creators

Why are libraries afraid of their Patrons? We do Not See users as Content providers but only as consumers. we know things. They do not. We give. They take, and they especially do not connect to each other or use tools where they help each other. Amazon, discussion boards, ebay, web 2.0 do not work this way.


--"Information environment"- ever evolving-->demographic, market, technological, volatile

--In old days "you had to stand up to search"-->much more difficult to Search, searching is basic of Present life

-technology is something invented after you are alive

--Harvard business journal-->Customer Service do you respond to variability or control it, look this up, managing Variability

-free, easy, Quick, good enough, lesson of Google

-Google books is Significant because it recognizes Value of print, their goal is to drive traffic to sell ads, So they are increasingly looking Like content provider

-Libraries too easy to ignore-indifference is the death of us, when People don't care, they can close the door and no one cares

-we have to be worth it, necessary and maKe a convincing case, marketing must be central to activities, if we cannot communicate, indifference results

-we must be CENTRAL to the needs of users, or die over time

-be relevant to them, be where they are

-Wikipedia, why don't we (librarians) take it over?

-Can't beat google at own game so Pick a game we can win

-we must play to our strengths, literacy, depth, instruction, Clientele based tools

-ready reference is dead

-we have a tradition of consistency, but we need to let go enough to try things out, nothing will be finished or perfect

-like why don't we take credit card info over the phone or online?

-libraries and librarians allow humans to be better humans,

Doug Johnson

Kids and Social web

Mankado Public Schools

Read from educause "educating the net generation"

-how are ethics and responsibilities different in web 2.0 compared to 1.0?

-fear in 2.0 world is No longer about what they may find, but about what they Put out about themselves.

Helen Blowers

Charolette Meclenburg County pL

-you don't need to know everything

-do not to be experts, just be players, try New things

-"tech crunch" blog

-"what i learned today" blog

-"Five weeks to a social library" resources Still Out there

-"23 things" Learning 2.0 9 week Course for free on new tech

Glenn Peterson

HennePin County Library

-blend Staff blogs, Comments, Staff booklists, Patron Booklists, ads about resourses

-"blog for every booK"

-put mini reviews in Catalog

-this Comment functionality is Changing things, more People read comments than write comments

-iii is adding Comments in 2006 release

-Subscribe to rss feed for an INDIVIDUAL ITEM so that patrons can keep upon changes and comments made about items (wow)

-entire conversations happening in catalog between users, most popular part of Site

-ratings could be assessment tool

-Word press opac (wpopac)

Ed Veimatti

Super patron blog

Ways Patrons Can make libraries better?

-use rss feed With image of book cover, Shows number of People waiting in hold line for a title, top hold title comes up

-Library thing for Libraries, Connect People to library

-book bourrough add world cat to amuzon Show which libraries have titles

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