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Yes of course it worth to keep this group in the air!

In Europe we have several 'Library 2.0' groups which work quite effectively. In the Netherlands it is called 'Bibliotheek 2.0' and it has hundreds of enthousiastic members who also participate in discussions, blogs, etc. I also participate in a group called 'Civil Servant 2.0' and there we have a group of editors who edits and moderates blogs, discussions, etc. Because we know that people also wants to meet each other in the flesh we also organize 'Open Coffee' sessions and they are quite succesful. People who attends those sessions often become active on the platform and v.v. It would be loss when you shut down the group. Try to find some people who can help; who feel involved and who wants to participate. We need this kind of groups and we also need a platform where we can discuss developements in library science and libraries.

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Comment by Jura Stanaityte on February 23, 2010 at 7:54am
I support keeping it going, and developing it, Anne-Marie. And grow it into "Library 3.0"! I'd love to host a global Library 2.0--> 3.0 discussion circle in my newly opened lab in Second Life (it is designed to be an information/meeting point for educators, scientists, and businesses). Bill, community building takes effort but not a gigantic one! I guess for the newer members (such as myself), we need some encouragement initially. The dormant impression might very well be not entirely true.

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